A Bill Clinton balance sheet: Peace, prosperity, pluralism, and progress

It’s time to take Bill Clinton, his presidency, and his times seriously. Historians dithered before getting right with Reagan, letting their political and intellectual disdain discourage thoughtful scholarship for over two decades after his inauguration. The media’s obsession with both Clintons’ genuine character flaws, have disappointed and distracted too many chroniclers. Hillary

What Justin Trudeau can learn from Bill Clinton’s presidency

Having just ended nine years of conservative rule, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should look south, and learn from former U.S. president Bill Clinton’s successes — and failures.
In 1993, Clinton — like Trudeau, a young, charismatic liberal — ended 12 years of conservative governance in the United States. The comedian Dennis Miller, celebrating the Baby Boomers’ emergence,

Why we will all be singing the Benghazi blues…

On Thursday, when former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton appears before the Senate Benghazi Committee for a new round of hearings, reporters with vivid historical imaginations will be pining for an epic battle. Melodramatic journalists may recall the 1950-1951 Kefauver Committee investigating organized crime, which introduced politicized television dramas to